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I understand. I went through this too. I went through a divorce…And came out the other side And I know what it is to be in charge of my own financial future. I am Mala Dukhi, CPA and Money Coach. I have been trained by no other than Dr. Martha Beck, Oprah Winfrey’s Life Coach. I’ve worked for several top NYC Accounting Firms for over 20 years. I am best known for my money brilliance, my compassion and integrity. I help women understand their money story, debunk limiting beliefs and increase their financial abundance.

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Gifts of Summer

  Over the last two months, I slowed down significantly. I focused on going out, connecting with friends and family, beach days and long summer evening strolls. I ate lots of seafood and ice cream. I read a lot and stared at the ocean for hours on end.. Slowing...

What Are You Tolerating?

I have established really clear boundaries in my life over the last ten or so years. I surround myself with people and experiences that are kind, compassionate and respectful. Although I have these boundaries in place.. I find myself pondering about what I have been...

Everyday Joy

Recently, I have been incorporating everyday joyful moments in my life. I would love to be on a year round vacation on the Amalfi coast. Drinking wine, eating great food and relaxing by the beach. However, I do need to work.. I do need to take care of my two young...

What They Say

I felt drawn to Mala because of her authenticity and finesse in connecting with women. She told her story - and it was a compelling one that resonated with me. A woman that was empowering herself through her financial independence. I myself sought to do the same since childhood - yet continued to feel restricted by money in my late 20s. After speaking with Mala it became clear that my "money problems" were a byproduct of the themes and inner struggles I was battling at that time. I felt restriction in several areas of my life and as a result did not have a very healthy relationship with money. Our conversations and assignments helped unveil my troubles and equip me with practical tools to manage my financial and mental well being. Our fears and desires impact our relationship with money - it is key to work through these areas to truly achieve financial empowerment.

Julie Acevedo

My life lacked some career direction before the program and I was a bit confused between continuing life in a particular career or going back to school for something completely different. The coaching process was very good. I enjoyed every session. Mala was very holistic about life not just one area, but you see changes in every area. I really enjoyed it. I got more confidence in certain areas of my life that needed it. I got great advice on mindset adjustment in certain important situations and in ways you always remember. Mala is great at helping you clear the clutter/ 'bullshit' to get to the root of what's in your way. I'm so grateful that I got to work with her.

- Pej. O

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