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Before working with Mala, I didn’t have a clear idea of how much money I spent each month. I chose to avoid looking at my finances, which carried a lot of emotional baggage and prevented me from investing MORE in my business.

Every month, Mala and I would sit down and look at how much money I was spending on my business and how it went toward my personal expenses, such as rent and going out. Living in NYC, I knew I spent more money  than the average person, but actually  seeing what kind of money I was spending on entertainment and food each week was a real eye opener!

The three most  significant improvements in my life/business after working with Mala were;  I have boosted my savings from $3k to over $12k in just one year! I also am able to save enough for my taxes each year, so I don’t have any nasty  surprises come April. I now have habits in place to analyze my spending and see exactly what I spent vs. what I earned on a month to month basis

One of the things I absolutely LOVE was seeing how my earnings get spent each month - it makes running my business run so much smoother and lets me invest in my business guilt-free!

If you’re considering hiring Mala - DO IT! She will provide you with the accountability you need to develop healthy spending & tracking habits - both of which are critical to improving your financial situation. Doing it on your own is so much harder to schedule, but once you’ve gotten the ball rolling, the payoff is massive.

- Laura Patricelli
Design Mastermind
Brooklyn, NY

Prior to working with Mala, I was always really unclear on exactly how much money I had coming in and out - I was really unsure about *what exactly* was causing problems with my money situation - so I was super confused, stressed out and unclear.

Working with Mala was so great because she took such a holistic approach and really adjusted her approach based on my unique needs and level. I work in finance, so I didn’t necessarily have too many issues with balancing excel sheets and/or spreadsheets in general - but I did have a ton of issues with old money scripts and managing my thoughts around money. Mala helped coach me through the process of uncovering old money beliefs in a very gentle way that ended up being super transformative for me.

Thanks to working with Mala, I have 100% more clarity on where and how I’d create profit in my business. I had a brand new set of affirmations to follow to improve my emotional issues when it comes to money. I had more confidence in my business because I could clearly identify where my money was coming from.

My income over the three months that I worked with Mala increased by over 100% from the 3 months prior. I was hitting consistent revenue numbers for 3 months in a row - in a way that I hadn’t been able to months before:)

Working with Mala was the support I needed to take the next step in my life when it comes to my business. My business began to transform - as a result of the work we did together and it’s because of her that I’m leaving my 9-5 job to run my business full time shortly!

Thank you Mala!

- Jill Therese,
Heal Your Face With Food

I felt drawn to Mala because of her authenticity and finesse in connecting with women. She told her story - and it was a compelling one that resonated with me. A woman that was empowering herself through her financial independence. I myself sought to do the same since childhood - yet continued to feel restricted by money in my late 20s. After speaking with Mala it became clear that my "money problems" were a byproduct of the themes and inner struggles I was battling at that time. I felt restriction in several areas of my life and as a result did not have a very healthy relationship with money. Our conversations and assignments helped unveil my troubles and equip me with practical tools to manage my financial and mental well being. Our fears and desires impact our relationship with money - it is key to work through these areas to truly achieve financial empowerment.

Julie Acevedo

My life lacked some career direction before the program and I was a bit confused between continuing life in a particular career or going back to school for something completely different. The coaching process was very good. I enjoyed every session. Mala was very holistic about life not just one area, but you see changes in every area. I really enjoyed it. I got more confidence in certain areas of my life that needed it. I got great advice on mindset adjustment in certain important situations and in ways you always remember. Mala is great at helping you clear the clutter/ 'bullshit' to get to the root of what's in your way. I'm so grateful that I got to work with her.

- Pej. O

I have been working with Mala since May 2018. At the time we began working together, I was thousands of dollars in debt, with no end to it being in view. I was worried about back taxes that were owed and whether or not I would ever be able to fully retire (I was 66 at the time).

Now, It is August 2019, just a little over a year later, I am COMPLETELY out of debt!!!!! I have an emergency savings account for the first time in decades, and ample discretionary funds to have fun (Mala even helped me to create a shoe fund to indulge my guilty pleasure each month)!

I cannot sing Mala’s praises enough. She provides exceptional customer service and works WITH you. She takes her cues from you in helping to customize a budget, but she gently helps you to think through barriers that you might be creating for yourself. She is nonjudgmental and extremely supportive and encouraging. I initially thought I would sign up for one three month contract (12 weeks). I voluntarily signed up for a second three month contract, and now I work with her on a once a month basis. I consider her more than a financial coach; she has become a trusted friend, with whom I willingly share other life concerns.

Mala’s fee is very reasonable—and it is truly a worthwhile investment! The return is remarkable!!!!

P.S. Although I can technically retire today, fairly comfortably…..I am going to continue working for three more years. It is nice to know, though, that I can change my mind at any point and be okay financially.

Thank you Mala!- Robyn Brown - Manning, LMSW, PhD Social Work
Doctoral Lecturer, CUNY NY

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