Recently, I have been incorporating everyday joyful moments in my life.

I would love to be on a year round vacation on the Amalfi coast.

Drinking wine, eating great food and relaxing by the beach.

However, I do need to work..

I do need to take care of my two young ones..

I can’t be on vacation all the time.

It’s not the reality of our everyday life..

So I have decided to find time everyday to celebrate my life.

Find time for one little activity that brings me joy/pleasure.

Since it’s warmer out, I go for an evening walk right dinner.

I walk for at least 20 mins whether it’s my neighborhood or the park.

I take a Zumba class where my coordination skills are lacking but where my joy factor is sky high..

I do not care in the least because I am having a BLAST

I do massages whenever I can..

I listen to music that speaks to my soul..

I have started to slow down..

To stop WAITING for the perfect vacation.

The perfect DAY to feel joy.

I go looking for joy.

I pay attention to people when I am talking to them..

I make eye contact and try to not check my phone or multi task

Life is a mess..

But there is beauty and joy in the mess.

Are you paying attention to the joyful moments?

Write me back and let me know!