Over the last two months, I slowed down significantly. I focused on going out, connecting with friends and family, beach days and long summer evening strolls.

I ate lots of seafood and ice cream.

I read a lot and stared at the ocean for hours on end..

Slowing down and taking an easy pace allowed me to get off the hamster wheel.

I became very connected to myself and reconnected with others around me.

I reset my relationship with my kids..

We stopped fighting and arguing..

And talked more..

I did a lot less.

I become more flexible about doing laundry and dishes.

The high focus was on having fun, relaxing and staying connected.

I realized that this was the way I wanted to live my life.

Not just during the summer months but all year round..

Made me start to wonder what GIFTS from summer can I bring into the rest of my year?

Here is my list..

Once a week, take the time to have a family day (or maybe a few hours) where it is just me and the girls spending time with each other without any distractions.

Read for fun 10-15 minutes before bedtime.

Walk/yoga/zumba at least 3 times per week…

Connect with like minded people once or twice per month.



What’s on your list?