A year ago, I decided to stop living my very comfortable and predictable life and follow my dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

I wrote my business plan on a piece of paper and boy did it look good!

I was excited and all ready to go.

I hired a mentor and we mapped it out.

She gave me beautiful gift and a lovely card that said, “You will not be the same again”

I didn’t think much of it..

I thought life would continue as normal..

Weeks went by and I found myself doing uncomfortable things

Speaking in public.


I was uncomfortable speaking in private.

Asking people to pay for my services.

I was the QUEEN at giving everything away for FREE

Ruthlessly setting boundaries..

The word NO did not exist in my vocabulary

I prided myself in my ability to be a superwoman

I DID everything for myself and the kiddies.

Now I was hiring people to help me

I had to get rid of everything in my life

That did not support my dream

I had to CREATE SPACE for my dream

Creating SPACE meant

Saying No.

Hiring People.

Giving up the Illusion that I can do it all..

It may look/sound easy but..

When you decide to live your life following your chosen path..

You also need to CREATE the SPACE to do it..