Do you ever read headings of holiday cards that say things like…

“Have a Peaceful Christmas”

“Joy, Peace, and Blessing for the Holidays”

If you are like me, you are thinking..


Joy, Peace, and Blessings??

Ahhh…anything but!

Most people are stressed and anxious about family gatherings, buying the perfect gift for family and friends and attending a long list of holiday parties/events.

We are overextended and are overspending..

Which takes the Joy, Peace, and Blessings out of Holidays.


Stressed, Overwhelmed and Anxious in its place..

So this year I am thinking would I like to spend these last two weeks of the year?

What feelings/emotions would I like to create for myself?

Since I am an adult and all and I am in charge of my feeling state..

Then I can go ahead and create for myself anything I would like my holidays to be!

Awesome feeling isn’t it?

It’s called creating what you would like to have in your life..

For me, I would like to change the idea that the Holidays will be perfect.

I am planning to stay in Peace during the family squabbles..

I am planning to be Thankful for all the gifts that I have..

I am going to Stay Present and appreciate the little moments that are Joyful..

Drinking hot cocoa and listening to holiday music.

The squeal of delight my kids make when their new puppy is raining kisses on their faces.

Baking cookies for no good reason..except it sounds like a good idea!

Here are some tools I am going to use to help me create the Holidays my way..

Morning Ritual

Start my day off with meditation, journaling and coffee. Yep, coffee is part of my morning ritual.
Daily intention; write out my intention for each day. My intentions are mostly related to the feeling states I would like to create; peace, calm, joy etc.
Gratitude; listing 3 things I am grateful for. This keeps me in a state of appreciation for my life instead of state of scarcity/not enoughness/perfectionism etc.
Self Awareness

Do a body scan 3 times a day in order to identify my emotions.
If I am in a negative emotional state; take a break and focus on breathing.
Once I have grounded yourself, you can now make a new choice based on what came up for you while you were staying calm and breathing. For example, one evening I was feeling really irritable and snapping at everyone. I realized that I hadn’t left my desk all day. What I needed in that moment was a walk outdoors to clear my mind.
Yes, I know all of the above is easier said than done.

But the key is to DO IT, however imperfect you get it done..

Little by little you will be shifted.

Mindful spending

Make a budget of how much you would like to spend in total and by person.
Track your purchases daily to see if you are on target with your spending.
Keep track of any overspending and get to the bottom of why you did so.
Use a tool called “the 5 Whys” . Keep asking yourself “Why” for 5 times until you get to the root of the overspending situation. Keep track of your whys by writing it down.
Next time you are tempted to overspend, remember what came up for you when you identified the root of your overspending. Make a different choice!
What would you like to create for yourself this Holiday Season?

What feeling state would you like to be in?

What tools would you use to help you create a new Holiday Season?