I have established really clear boundaries in my life over the last ten or so years.

I surround myself with people and experiences that are kind, compassionate and respectful.

Although I have these boundaries in place..

I find myself pondering about what I have been tolerating..

A recent situation came to my mind..

I have been tolerating people taking up too much of my time because they like to hear themselves speak..

I have been tolerating people who want to connect with me to push their own agenda and somehow think I will get on board whatever scheme they are currently working on..

I have been tolerating service professionals who provide mediocre service to me and think I do not mind..

I have been saying yes to going to dinner/lunch/coffee with individuals who I do not feel in alignment with..

These situations and people leave me drained and tired..

I need excessive amounts of alone time when I’ve had one of these interactions

I need to ground and regroup.

Meditate and journal.

Gather myself and stay focused and aligned on my path..

So I have decided I have had enough of this half-assed way of living..

I made a decision to up level relationships.

Saying a BIG LOUD NO to people who are no longer aligned to my soul.

Uplevel how much I am charging for my services.

ASK for the value that I am providing.

Uplevel the type of people I want to work with.

I no longer deal with people who are not committed to GROW..

UP LEVEL all areas of my life.

Life is too damn short to be tolerated.

Write me back and let me know what you have decided to no longer tolerate!!